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2nd and 3rd April 2019 from 9 AM.

2nd April - floors 5, 4, 3

3rd April - floors 2, 1, ground, basement

Where to ask

If you have any questions that are not stated here, feel free to contact the student representative in the room 308.

What to do

Move every piece of furniture from the wall, just a few centimeters is enough.

Clear out all storage spaces. The exceptions to this rule are shelves and the built-in cupboard - Only the lower part needs to be cleared out, hanging clothes don't have to be moved. There will be no special place to store your things not should you move your things to the corridor, place them on top of tables, cupboards, etc.

Wrap all non-wrapped food in a plastic foil so it won't come to touch with the insecticide.

Also wrap all electronic devices.

You will also be able to change your bedclothes after your room has been sprayed.

!!!Do not wipe the floors prior to 3 days after the spraying, so the substance can take full effect!!!


Is the spraying necessary at out block? Nobody has bed bugs here.

Presence of bed bugs it not always recognised. Furthermore, not everybody has an immune reaction to a bed bug bite. People often visit and move in between the blocks. So, if there aren’t any bugs now prevention is the best option to keep it that way. This preventive measure is regularly executed also in hospitals, food storehouses and so on.

What for is the preventive spraying in a few weeks if there are bed bugs already or will be until then?

The contaminated rooms are disinfected at once. If you find bed bugs in your room report it immediately to the manager and the extermination will be done in a couple of days.

Do I really have to move the furniture?

Yes, you do. Only a few centimeters away from the wall is needed. If you don’t do it yourself the cleaners will have to do it for you. If more people leave their room unprepared like this the whole decontamination process will take longer and the schedule will not be kept.

Can SUZ get me a substitute accommodation?

Bed bugs react to carbon dioxide to leave their shelter. Unless they sense it the don’t go out to the sprayed area and the whole process shall be uneffective. The decontamination itself takes only a couple of minutes and you can return to your room shortly after.

Why isn’t the spraying done during holidays?

Every block has an assigned month in which the spraying is done. Some selected blocks are done during the holidays. The important part is that the rooms must be occupied at the time (see above).

Is the spray effective to something else besides bed bugs?

The spray kills all insects including cockroaches.

I have a lot of stuff stored here. Can I get a place to put it during the spraying?

No such place will be provided. The reason for that is that some things could be from infected rooms and contain bugs or eggs. (The inhabitants of the room may not be aware of the presence of bed bugs. ) Those things could contaminate others stuff.

What if I do not let the cleaners to enter my room?

Doing so you disrupt the systematic decontamination. Furthermore, bed bugs like to find a safe place. So the likelihood of finding them in your room or at your neighbours soon after is quite high.

Since the substance kills bed bugs and all insects is it dangerous to humans and other mammals?

No, it can not be dangerous in this concentration. However, mammals are not sensitive to this substance because of better metabolism, higher body temperature and ion channel structures. The substance is not to be inhaled or eaten though.

Is it enough to just wash the surfaces with water?

Yes but do not wash the floor for at least 3 days (spray is active for 3 weeks). Otherwise the decontamination will not be effective. Vacuum cleaning is not recommended either.

What about the flowers in my room? Do I have to move them somewhere?

The spraying is harmless to flowers and there is no need to move them anywhere during the process.

Would they enter the room without me present?

The block deputy or him entrusted person will be present with the workers during the whole decontamination process. Therefore, you do not worry anything could happen to your room.

Is reschedule possible past the exam period?

The schedule is set and cannot be changed.

Is it possible to get a plastic film to cover stuff in my room?

There will be a limited amount available. We recommend to get a covering film used by painters (big and cheap).

What if I have a carpet instead of PVC (linoleum)?

The carpet will be sprayed just as the PVC. No need to worry about anything.

Is the composition and name of the substance known?

Used chemical is called Mythic 10 sc and Fendona 6 sc. This very substance is used in hospitals and food industry.

Will the spraying be repeated?

This is a preventive measure. The spaying will be repeated after a determined period of time (not sooner than next year)

What should I do with my sheets after the spaying?

Co mám následně udělat s ložním prádlem? If you use block-provided sheets the manager will change it for you. If you use your own wash it at 60°C. Negotiations take place to determine if the washing machines will be for free and also available at other blocks at the time. We will inform you about this.

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