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Who is member of SH (Silicon hill club)?

Anybody, who pays the membership fee (800 CZK) and signs, that he/she wants to be a member of Silicon Hill Student Club.

Am I a member of SH?


Who is member of SU (Student's union)?

See regulations of Student Union (in czech): Members of Student Union can be students of CTU and other persons, that are acting in order to accomplish the goals of the union. Every member of other student clubs at CTU is at the same time member of SU.

Am I a member of SU?


Do the other dormitories have such clubs as SH?

Yes, they've got: Pod-o-lee, Sinkule, Buben, Masařka and others.

What is the relationship between SU and SH or other clubs?

Silicon Hill is one from the clubs of Student union, other clubs of SU are: Pod-o-lee, Sinkule, Buben, Masařka and others.

What do I gain, if I become a member of club SH?

You get connection to Strahov network for one (not more) computer. Also get user account at server of any block, and an email address in format Name.Surname@sh.cvut.cz. For more detailed information see the relevant section (--David 13:04, 4. 2. 2007 (CET) TODO: insert URL).

How can I become a member of club SH?

Find your admin in office hours (every block has one admin). Tell him/her, that your want to register a network account. Admin will tell you your UID -- user identification number. This is used, when you pay member fee - see [#placeni payment (in czech)]. There your sign that you want to become a member of club, will respect regulations (in czech) of Student club Silicon Hill, agree with keeping your personal data in club's database. How to connect your computer to internet, see the following questions.

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