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On my room there's a network connector, but I don't have any cable. How can I get it?

You could visit the nearest shop and buy "Patch cable category 5 UTP". On some blocks there are students who for a little bribe would prepare you the cable with connector. Cable is your possession. Before you go to buy it, measure the approximate distance between connector and your PC with some reserve. 10 metres of cable costs around 100 CZK.

What should I do, in case the cable is too long or too short?

You have no other option, just to buy another cable.

What should I do before leaving my room for holidays with the cable?

Keep your cable at home, leave it at luggage room (it is a temporary storage room for Summer holidays) or give it to your friend. Do not leave during the summer holiday in your room. It is your possessment, nobody would give after the holidays. Keep on mind which connector do you use - left or right - and use the same side after you come back.

Which network connector (left or right) should I use?

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